Real Estate

Our attorneys advise business and corporate clients on real estate and construction issues, including the full range of transactional and litigation matters.


We advise builders, developers, and materialmen on the variety of legal issues related to real estate development and the construction industry, and negotiate, draft, and review the documents involved in real estate transactions. As experienced litigators, we understand that preparing documents right from the start is the best way to avoid future disputes. In addition, sound, well-crafted legal documents also put clients in a stronger position in the event litigation does arise.


Real estate development requires a significant investment of time and financial resources, and the involvement of many different parties, including buyers, sellers, banks, architects, contractors, subcontractors, and materialmen. It is not surprising, therefore, that disputes inevitably arise as to the performance or interpretation of a contract or other agreement. As experienced litigators, we help investors and developers resolve these disputes as quickly as possible.